Macapype is an open-source multi-modal brain data analysis kit which provides Python-based pipelines for advanced multi-thread processing of MRI anatomical data of NPH brain images. Macapype is based on Nipype, a tool developed in fMRI field, which facilitates data analyses by wrapping many commonly-used neuro-imaging software into a common python framework.

API, describing the different pipelines and nodes, can be found here


Choose your install

git install

git clone

(see Git install)

pip install

pip install macapype

(see Pypi install)

docker/singularity install

docker pull macatools/macapype:latest

(see Docker install)


Open Science Room OSR 2020 of OHBM congress presentation of macapype

Forum macapype_users

The macapype_users forum can be be found here (requires a framateam/framagit account, but should be accessible with a github or bitbucket account).

See the section Forum for more information on how to connect.


See Installation for installation on your local system if you have adequate softwares (i.e. FSL, AFNI, Ants, SPM) running on your machine/clusters.


A Dockerfile, and a docker image are also available, explanations can be found here


Running workflows can be found here


Explanations on how to modify the processing can be found here

Explanations of the various pipelines are found here


Several examples can be found here

Useful tips

Some useful tips to reorient and crop images here


Some advices on how to contribute to the source code can be found here

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